Gameloft Artifacts

April 5, 2009

I made most of this stuff in 2002 or 2003 when I was working at Gameloft.

gulo_splash gulo_gx10_slideshow gulo_sprite
The first game I’ve worked on: Gulo’s Tale.

rail_rider_01 rail_rider_02
Rail Rider

Unused camera girl for Skate & Slam.

saturn_splash saturn_faces
Saturn Strike 3d Menace

An enemy for a cancelled version of XIII.


  1. I remember Gulo’s Tale.
    It was a pretty cool game, it sucked it was only two worlds tho.
    The art was amazing, I actually enjoyed it, was a default game for my phone (something X7 or… something).

    Been playing Ninja Senki, damn its hard.

    Cant wait for Wizorb.

    Cheers mate!

  2. Wow! Gulo’s Tale is pretty obscure, so I’m glad to find people who actually played it. I think that the game had to have a maximum size of something like 96k because of the cellphone limitations. That’s why we only had two worlds. This game was really fun to work on.

  3. Yeah, it was pretty obscure, even for its time.
    I think it was an original platformer. Limitations for cellphones so old must suck.

    Damn, makes me want to play it again just for the lolz.
    Im glad you are glad.

  4. NOO, omfg ..
    I played, this is GAME that Had the phone of my mom e-e..

    pd: sorry for my poor inglish, but spck spanish :3

  5. I loved Rail Rider. Any chance of a port to iPod or Anroid?

  6. I really don’t know… @_@ You’d have to check Gameloft’s website.

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