Turtle Power!

April 19, 2009

TMNT was the last GBA project I’ve worked on at Ubisoft Montréal (in 2007). I had a lot of fun working on this game because I’ve always loved the TMNT franchise and all members of the team were very talented. Stuff I’ve made:


Click to enlarge:

Click to enlarge:


  1. c est pas mal nice tout ca !

  2. That’s great! I like the variations of the car and the details of the backgrounds.

  3. sérieux mec t’avais rocké en sale là-dessus
    sensei forever u_u

  4. Aaaa le fameux pneu, object rare présent seulement dans le subway….

  5. ouais… pis en plus tu pouvais marcher dessus!!! mais qui as vraiment remarquer ça?

  6. […] PIXELTAO is Jonathan Lavigne’s Weblog « Scott Pilgrim Robots August 30, 2009 Here are some rough sketches I did when we were designing the enemy robots for TMNT GBA. […]

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