High Gears

May 2, 2009

racer_fakeHigh Gears is a top-down racer I’ve worked on at Gameloft in 2003. It was also the first time I assumed the role of game designer. The game was supposed to feature realistic visuals, licensed cars, and arcade physics. Unfortunately, even though we had a working prototype, the advent of 3D on cell phones lead to cancellation of the project in favor of a 3D racer.

I’ve also done a bunch of pixel art (for backgrounds and menus), but the cars were made by Justin Cyr, while Randy Van Der Vlag  gave me a hand on some background elements and Chalotte Niedzviecki helped me create the menus.

racer_background racer_interfaces


  1. Oh man… MEMORIES~!
    Sad memories… 😦

  2. Yes, the tragic ending of the project left a scar on my heart. 😦

  3. You should release the graphic set (at least publicize them)

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