Galactic Mockup

June 7, 2009


Another idea I had before developing my actual shmup project was to make a character that could float using an anti-gravity suit. I also wanted to make the game entirely hand-drawn instead of doing pixel art. In the end, I couldn’t come up with anything good for the gameplay and the task of making high-definition graphics was really painful. The amount of work was too much for only one person and I also realized that what I really love to do is pixel art.

Therefore, I abandoned this idea. However, like I said in a previous post, I still plan to use the characters and the setting of this old idea for a future game project.


  1. I get what you mean. I made a game with “so-call” HD graphics too, and it was hell. I did manage to finish it though. Coincidentally, it’s called Galactic Commando. Well, you can find it here :d


    But yea, it was even more pain to animate. But I do like you artwork a lot. Did you draw them in flash?

  2. Galactic Commando looks pretty good! I like your art style a lot. And congrats for finishing it, because that’s quite an accomplishment to make a game like this.

    For this unfinished shmup game I did all the graphics/animations in Photoshop and Image Ready. I don’t know why, but I can’t get used to draw with Flash. I was also coding it with Game Maker, so I couldn’t use vector graphics.

  3. […] In the meantime, here are some test sprites I did a while ago for a pixel version of my now-defunct Galactic Police […]

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