Breakout Fantasy

July 12, 2009

Here’s a mockup screen shot of a fantasy themed breakout game I’m currently working on.



  1. ca l’air cool!

  2. looks like the best break-out clone since a while … what is the paddle made of ?

  3. The paddle is a magic staff.

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  5. This looks really cool, any eta, or percentage complete?

  6. I would say that graphics are about 40% done and code is about 20% done, for what it’s worth. The ball physics and the collision system are pretty solid now, but I still have a bunch of gameplay elements, enemies, bosses and the menu framework to do.

    I’m still working on Scott Pilgrim full time for the next 2 weeks, then I’ll go back full time on Ninja Senki and on this game. Can’t say yet when it’ll be finished, but I’m very determined to get it done!

  7. This looks amazing.. any word on when it should be complete and what platform it will be thrown onto?

    Also, I love your art.

  8. There’s more charm and gaming appeal in this one screenshot than half of the games released so far this year. I like your style and creativity.

    After peeking at the rest of your projects on this site, I must say I’m really impressed. Bravo. I look forward to playing them when you finish.

    Also, will these be freely downloadable upon completion? I ask because if they are, they shouldn’t be. It looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into your games and you should get paid for them.

  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback! It puts some pressure but it also pushes me even more to keep going :).

    I can’t say precisely when it’ll be completed. I hope to finish this one before the end of the year. But I said the same thing for Ninja Senki last year, and I’m still working on it…

    Both this breakout game and Ninja Senki will be released on PC and will be downloadable for free. But yeah, at some point, I will need to earn some money if I want to survive and continue making games by myself. So, unless I find some miraculous business model, I might sell the next game I make after those 2 are done.

  10. I’d contact steam 😛 I would pay 10 dollars for a fantasy based breakout clone ❤

    Also, make sure it has achievements 😀

  11. I also agree you should be paid for your work. When I first started tutoring math it felt wrong to accept payment, but thats dumb. If you do something well and people enjoy it, then there is nothing wrong with making some cash. Steam is a great idea if it works. Maybe amazon will do something for indie designers …

  12. I would pay good money for these on a download service like Steam. While of course it’s your prerogative to not charge, I think you might find you’d have plenty of supporters who feel the same way I do. It’s always nice to put money into the hands of people who are passionate about their work and produce quality titles.

  13. As a “rookie” indie developer, I believe that I would benefit from giving my first game for free. That’s why I’m planning on not charging for Ninja Senki.

    However, for this breakout game, if people are willing to pay for it, I could consider charging a price similar to other indie games of this scope currently sold on XBL Indie Games or on Steam. If this works, it would help me keep on making games on my own (which would also make me very happy).

  14. Well for what it’s worth I would buy it from only seeing one screenshot for upwards of 20 dollars. :] I think a good price tho would be around 10. :]

    Also, not sure if you noticed but my website is the blog me and my friends do along with a weekly podcast. We occasionally do interviews of indie developers and would love to maybe do an email correspondence. :]

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