Ninja Senki Details

November 25, 2009

Since I didn’t describe too much what Ninja Senki is about, I decided to post a small update on the status of the project. I don’t want to say too much either because I hate when developers or gaming websites spoil everything about a game before its release. It’s fun to have some surprises left! Here it goes:

So, what’s going on?
The art of the game is all done. I might still modify some small stuff though. Most of the code is done. Right now, I’m coding the two last bosses. I still have to build all the levels  (which is the biggest part left to do) and integrate music and sounds.

For what platform is it?
PC only for now. I might port it to MAC later.

What’s the development tool used to create it?
Game Maker 7. I also used Matt Thorson’s Grandma Platforming Engine as a basis, which is super simple and works really well to build a platformer quickly.

Did you play Ninja Robot Haggleman (Retro Game Challenge) on DS?
Yes! I played it on the japanese version of Retro Game Challenge which is called Game Center CX. This is a huge inspiration for the visual style along with other classic ninja games like Ninja Jajamaru Kun on NES.

It’s too violent! Can you remove the blood?
C’mon! The explosions of little red balls are cute!

Release date?
I hoped to release it before Christmas but I’m already working more than full time at my day job, so realistically it might be in January. Miyamoto once said something like: “A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever.”

That’s it for now!


  1. Good quote!
    Looking forward to the release in December or January… 🙂

  2. I know its been a very long time, but how is development of Ninja Senki coming along? Are you still working on it?

  3. I know it’s been a long time, but yes, I’m working full time on it right now. It’s been delayed for a while because I was very busy with Scott Pilgrim. I’ll try to post some news about it soon.

  4. hey man, looks very fun but i cant play it.
    while starting it says “unexpected error ocurred when running the game”; after that, it got freezed on the loading screen.

    any suggestion?
    im using windows XP btw

  5. That’s strange. Did you unzip everything before running the game? Normally, are you able to run other Game Maker games on your PC?

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