Back to Chengdu

February 28, 2010

I’m back to Chengdu. This time, I’m here for 3 months to finish a project. Work is really instense, we’re super rushed, but I really like it here in China. Plus, the weather is a lot warmer than in Montreal!

Even though I have less and less time, I’m still finding ways to continue working on Ninja Senki. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Is there a release i want to test this game out. I love to use rpg maker and want to make my own gameboy color style rpg!

  2. This screenshot is from Destiny of an Emperor, an excellent NES RPG by Capcom!

  3. woah fast reply nice. im a new reader to your blog, i especially liked the post about limiting items on a map and introducing enemies slowly to create a loop to keep players playing. good stuff! thanks, even though im not a game designer I love to write stories and come up with concepts for indie type games as a hobby.

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