Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

June 12, 2010

Some gameplay footage:

Original link on Gametrailers: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/101185.html

This is the project I’ve been spending almost 100% of my energy on lately. I even regularily dream that I’m at work fixing stuff to make it better … Anyways, it encouraging to read this article by Bryan Vore on Game Informer:


Almost no stamina left, but I’ve still got some willpower!


  1. Sérieux Jo ça l’air vraiment hot votre jeux, j’espère que vous avez mit un pneu qq part dans le jeu… 😛

  2. Thanks man! Ça aurait été cool de t’avoir sur le projet. Et oui, le pneu est parmi les features du jeu!

  3. Malaaaaade !!! Je le veux sur ma DS 🙂 Ou PC au pire. Le projet n’avait pas été abandonné ?

  4. J’aurais probablement pas fini le projet, on m’aurait shipper en urgence faire fixé des bugs sur Sphincter Cell ou ASS-2.

  5. wow just came across your blog for the first time and see this game!! i cant wait to play this!!! im a long time gamer that comes across less and less games of interest… im almost 30 and still a HUGE fan of ‘old school’ games. i have a ps3 and this game will be the sole reason for dusting it off.

    perhaps i’ver missed some other releases.. but any chance anyone knows of any other final fight/streets of rage style beat em ups??

  6. Besides Castle Crashers which was released almost 2 years ago on XBLA, there aren’t that many new traditional beat em up games being released.

    A lot of classic genres disappeared as consoles became more and more powerful. Because of that, I still play NES and SNES games regularly. There are so many games on these systems that I still discover some obscure but really good games that I haven’t played before. So maybe also dust off your NES, SNES or Genesis after playing Scott Pilgrim :).

  7. The trailer looks amazing – congratulations!

    I really like the art style, it looks really clean and sharp. Good luck with finishing it; I’m sure it will do well.

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