July 31, 2010

The fantasy breakout game project I’ve been working on now has a name and a title screen!


  1. Clever name. My interest continues to be piqued. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. That’s a pretty nice title screen~
    It totally makes it look like an nes licensed game of some American-funded, Japanese-animated Fantasy kid show from the 80s.

    How’s Ninja Senki coming along?

  3. I love TV anime of the 80s, so I think it might influence everything I make.

    Ninja Senki is steadily progressing. Not as fast as I’d like to because I’m still at Ubi closing things related to Scott. But, I am designing some levels as we speak so there has been progress even though I haven’t showed much in a while.

  4. Well, Scott is out now, so good luck with your other projects!

    By the way, I’m enjoying the heck out of Scott Pilgrim.


  6. Loves the color. Are you using any specific color scheme?

  7. Heck yeah! Also I’m hoping to buy the Scott Pilgrim game tonight!

  8. @rayteoactive: When I was making the first mock up for Wizorb, I created a color palette based on the NES colors. However, instead of limiting it to 56 usable colors, I made a 128 colors palette. This gives me a bit more possibilities while still keeping this NES feel. Now I use this palette for all my games.

  9. THAT is a lovely titlescreen!
    As Persona said it has definitely a NES vibe.
    Great stuff!

  10. Me gusta.


  11. I *love* this title screen and your mockup! Awesome pallette! Good luck with this project, I really hope to see this one day!

  12. […] Tribute boys have been working on the below indie Wizorb, a fantasy breakout game headed to XBLIG later this month, with a PC version to […]

  13. […] Tribute boys have been working on the below indie Wizorb, a fantasy breakout game headed to XBLIG later this month, with a PC version to […]

    I wanna play so bad omg

  15. […] have been working on the below indie Wizorb, a fantasy breakout game headed to XBLIG later this month, […]

  16. please give us this game on PC..

  17. I found a bug in the Xbox Live version on 2-6. If you kill the final block with the Fireball spell while the ball is traveling through one of the side doors, the game will softlock. The ball will just sit there next to the door opening and the level will not complete. Otherwise this game is amazing!

  18. Whoa, that’s a pretty obscure bug! Thanks for the tip, we’ll fix it in the next update.

  19. Hi there, I was really excited to play Wizorb, bought/downloaded the game, but I keep getting a Code 4 error when the game gets to the main menu screen! I can see the menu, but the error pops up maybe a second or two after the screen loads. Is there a fix for this? Can’t wait to play!

  20. @Adam Gordon: This bug is intermittent and is related to an issue with retrieving score data for the online rankings. It will be fixed in the next title update. In the meantime, there are 2 solutions to this:

    1- Retry playing the game later, it might then connect correctly. This crash doesn’t happen all the time.
    2- Play the game with an Xbox Live Free account rather than with a Gold account. This way, the game shouldn’t crash since it won’t try to retrieve online scores.

    Really sorry about this! We hope to provide a title update as soon as possible.

  21. Working fine as of this morning! Should hold me over until there’s an official update out with a fix. Amazing game, keep up the great work!!!

  22. I downloaded this but it crashes everytime I try to play it, it’s a huge shame as it looks so good. Tried to play for around half an hour, couldn’t even get a hit of the ball in that time 😦

    Great work but please hurry with a fix.

  23. Unfortunately I am receiving the error as well. I purchased the full version yesterday, played it for a few hours (great game!), but am unable to load or start a new game today without encountering error code 4.

  24. This bug is really annoying! It will be fixed as soon as the title update is available. Unfortunately, in the meantime, there’s nothing I can do except suggest that you try one of the temporary solutions I’ve previously posted (4 posts above). Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience!

  25. You can circumvent the Code 4 error by launching the game in your Live account, then pulling the network cable from your 360. It won’t keep any of your rankings or anything, but at least you can play without interruptions.

  26. Hey! Thanks for the additional tech support ^_^

  27. Would you mind sharing your color palette?

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