Ninja Senki Launch Trailer

December 14, 2010

Ninja Senki is coming out next week! I just need to make sure that everything is top notch before releasing it. Official release date: December 21st 2010. In the meantime, here’s the launch trailer:



  1. Wohoooo! Finally! :))

  2. Looking forward to playing it.

  3. Jonathan, did you respect the GBC limitation in term of color palette ?

    can’t wait to play this cute game 🙂

  4. The colors are based on the NES color palette which is even more limited than the GBC one in total number of available colors. But instead of using only 56 colors like the NES, I used a palette made of 128 colors to get at least a yellow (the NES had no pure yellow) and a few more shades of each color. So, I loosely followed NES color limitations.

  5. The game seems really cool, I’ve waiting it since one year now. It would be awesome to have been released for Dsiware service or anithing on console (I don’t like playing game on PC, really… but I will try this ! Sure !)

  6. Calling this the launch trailer was a little misleading. It’s awesome though.

  7. Just one more day!

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