Ninja Senki Now Available!

December 20, 2010

Ninja Senki is now available for download at http://www.ninjasenki.com/

Ninja Senki is an action platform game inspired by classic NES games such as Ninja Jajamaru-Kun and Mega Man. You play the game as Hayate, the shurikenjutsu master, who embarks on a quest to avenge the death of Kinuhime, the princess of his clan.


  • Fight your way through 16 scenes
  • Multiple endings
  • Gamepad support
  • Single-Player (or multiplayer if you pass the controller around!)
  • For Windows
  • Totally free!

Ninja Senki wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Patrice Bourgeault, who composed the whole soundtrack, and Jean Chan who created the sound effects. Many thanks to them!



  1. I just had the time to play level 1 at work… i like it. I can’t wait to go back home and play the next levels (with a gamepad) !

    just a question : you wrote the colors are based on the NES palette, I read the sountrack was made with FamiTracker and I saw something about a NES controller adapter in the README… all about NES. So why did you use Gameboy resolution ? 🙂

  2. @x7r

    I was about to ask the same thing 🙂

  3. […] Ninja Senki es un hombre de estilo 2D de plataformas Mega-que ha estado en desarrollo durante más de un año, con dieciséis niveles para jugar a través y supuestamente un par de finales por descubrir. Aquí usted juega como el maestro ninja llamado Hayate, quien debe buscar la venganza sobre el asesino sin piedad que se cobró la vida de Kinuhime princesa de su clan. […]

  4. Great game, dude! I already beaten it with a lot of effort… the last stages were a great challenge.

    So, does it really have more than one ending? It’s hard to figure out how to get the others.

    Anyway, i loved it, keep the good work.

  5. @x7r: I chose the GB resolution as a constraint simply to force myself to keep the sprites small while still having a good size ratio on screen. Because often when you make a game, you get too excited and start to make everything too big and too ambitious and you end up never finishing it. So, that was simply another limitation to help me stay focused.

    @Whiplash!: Glad that you already played through it! Yeah, multiple endings exist but are only hinted. I’m sure that you can guess how to get them 🙂

  6. And plans to port this to the Mac, the home consoles or any of the mobile devices?

  7. The game looks fun, but it’s too big for my netbook screen, even in fullscreen mode.
    Do something about that, please! =/

  8. PS: I tried pressing + and – as well, but it doesn’t work!

  9. I just played the game. I must say it’s good.
    There is the pad support and it’s easy to configurate and practical.
    The graphics are good, NES-inspired. Music and sound are perfect.
    Thank you for this game I just discovered.

  10. PSS: I found out where the actual + and – keys of my netbook are. The game is nice and one of the best i’ve seen in a while.

  11. @Steven Napierski: I’d probably have to rewrite the entire code for it since it was made with Game Maker. I’d like to port it someday though. But I don’t have any precise plans for that yet.

  12. The game seems cool… If you’re able to port it from Game Maker, it would be nice if you open-sourced it. Us Linux users are fond of this kind of games…

  13. Fantastic work, Jonathan…! This game is so full of authentic old school platformer action it’s amazing. Thank you for this game…. It was definitely worth the wait 🙂

  14. final score 16821
    make another one.. now!

  15. If you released this for DS I would purchase it.

  16. Please give me an address where I can Paypal you $.25 for each continue I use to clear the game. So far I owe you $1.25 and am at stage 8.

  17. […] [PIXELTAO] tweetmeme_style = 'compact'; tweetmeme_url = 'http://www.duelinganalogs.com/blog/2010/12/22/ninja-senki-fun-free-pc-game/'; Ninja Senki […]

  18. Just played the game and it’s very good. And I love the gameboy-like graphics. Excellent work.

  19. I wanna just let you know that I am your BIGGEST FAN DUDE! I played Scott Pilgrim for hours and hours, and I am playing this game as we speak and I LOVE IT. You are a legend dude, keep on dishing out the sweet games!

  20. Thank you for this very beautiful game. I don’t have a controller so it’s really hard, but highly enjoyable. Is there perchance a continue code or password feature?

    Anyhoo: So inspiring. A work of art.

  21. Excellent! Superv! Maravilloso! Im-pre-sio-nan-te!

    I just downloaded it and I’m playing the game at work. I feel like a 8 years old kid again. 😀

  22. Hi

    I’m curious what prevents GameMaker games from being ported over to XLIG?

    I’m an aspiring game designer but I have no programming experience. I figure Game Maker is my best shot but I’m still intimidated and my game would work best on an iphone. I’m in over my head!

  23. A linux version would seriously rock 🙂 That way we could have it for MeeGo and Android as well!

  24. Thanks for all the awesome comments!

    @JGSB: Outstanding score! I’m impressed!

    @boco: Hmm, a Paypal arcade seems like a wonderful idea ($_$)… Nah, the game is free 🙂

  25. playthrough to a happy ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgYm3aqa94A

  26. Beware of the spoiler at the end of this video! But nice playthrough nevertheless.

  27. please tell me that i can download the soundtrack from somewhere.. the music was amazing.

    also, i know this has been addressed numerous times, but id buy this in a heartbeat on wiiware or something.. amazing game. it makes me feel like i am actually playing a classic game that i used to play as a kid instead of a game that is an homage to the games of my youth.

  28. thanks for such awesome game

  29. i don’t know when i’ll have the time to play it, but thanks for making this game. i’m a fan of Jajamaru, so to see a game with similar spirit brings a strong sensation of nostalgia. good luck with your future projects!

  30. Ended up being $4.50, with the last two full dollars (8 continues) because of the final boss -_-;; Final score a meager 13274.

    Since you don’t want payment I’ll donate it to Child’s Play. Thanks for the great game! Now I’ll try getting to the last boss with no continues (although forgive me if I give up beating him that way! 20 hits on the first form is hard to achieve).

  31. […] Ninja Senki is a Mega Man-style 2D platformer that has been in development for over a year, featuring sixteen levels to play through and purportedly a couple of endings to discover. Here you play as the ninja master named Hayate, who must seek revenge on the assassin that mercilessly took the life of his clan’s princess Kinuhime. […]

  32. YES! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  33. […] · Impressum · Kontakt · Facebook · TwitterNinja Senki23.12.2010Ninja Senki…“…is an action platform game inspired by classic NES games such as Ninja Jajamaru-Kun […]

  34. Something is wonky with netbook resolutions. I tired playing it on a 1024×600 screen and the window didn’t fit the entire height of my screen… nor could I see the floor at all. Is this a bug or do I simply need to play on a computer with a larger resolution screen.

  35. Press “-” on the numpad (using Fn if you’re on a laptop) on the title screen to scale down the window.

  36. No dice, no numpad on my netbook and I tried fn + ‘-‘ and nothing happened. I’m pretty sure I mashed nearly all of my keys.

  37. Nice game, fun to play and very well done!
    Hope to see this on App Store someday, i will buy for sure!

  38. This is wonderful. I love every bit of it, from the music to the graphics.

    Keep up the good work!

  39. […] Visit the Author Site […]

  40. Cool game,

    please make port for Nintendo DS!

    I need Homebrew this game!! \o/

  41. Hi!

    I really enjoy this game, it’s very challenging with a nice retro feel to it. One notable missing feature, though, is a save/code/level select system that would allow me to interrupt my game and return to it later.


  42. I agree with Adam Dobay; saving would be a nice feature. As much as I find the game fun, I don’t have the time to play it for four hours to finish the 16th stage, nor can I leave it open when I’m working with other applications that require large amounts of my computer’s resources. The lack of a save system is the only real complaint I have, but it’s a fairly important one to me. Was leaving it out intentional? If so, I must ask why.

  43. @Adam @Clockwork That’s how games used to be.

  44. @Sean: To my knowledge, most older console games had, at the very least, a password-based stage selection system. Arcade games usually didn’t save anything except high scores, but they weren’t exactly an ideal place for the application of saving anyway, since they were so public.

    If there isn’t a means to record progress as an element of difficulty, I believe it would be useful to utilize the rogue-like system: you save the game, you’re asked if you’d like to quit; if you quit then, your data is preserved. If you quit outside of that prompt, the save data deletes itself. This way, you can’t reset and continue without penalty, and you can’t reset when you lose all your lives and load a save from before you died. People who play legitimately aren’t penalized or forced to keep the game open.

    I doubt Ninja Senki will be modified with a save system at this point, since it’s been fully released, but I’d still rather give feedback for future endeavors than not.

    Apart from that detail, the game was wonderful. I’m not sure I’ll be going for the true ending anytime soon, though, ohohoho.

  45. @Clockwork: Ninja Senki is kindof like the first Mega Man in term of complexity (which also didn’t feature saving nor passwords).

    But yeah, the type of saving system that you’re describing would allow short play sessions without compromising the scoring system. I’ll definitely keep that in mind if I ever make a sequel.

  46. This game is pretty awesome! The retro graphics, the multi colored enemies, the scenary design… All very good. You maded a great job. Congrats. A excellent game!

  47. But, how the people saied, a Save Game possibility is good, you know? hehe. Think in this…

  48. Really amazing game, loved playing it, i would buy it if was available on Steam, seriously. Well, maybe an enhanced edition on the future. Scott Pilgrim would sell a lot on Steam too. Two missed opportunities.

  49. @Jonathan: Thanks for taking the time to read my commen—

    >>[i]if I ever make a sequel[/i]
    >>[i]make a sequel[/i]

    Insert happy face emoticon here at the mere mention.

  50. Hi there, I just wanted to show some support. As a Megaman fan, I must admit that I really like this game. It would be better with some kind of save/password system though. I don’t mind the challenge, but I don’t have as much time to play the same game over and over as I used to when I was a little kid.

    Anyway, I really love the design, the animations, the music. I

  51. This is an amazing game!
    I want to play it at my arcadecabinet. So i’ve got one question: Is there any chance to configure the controlkeys?

  52. […] Jonathan Lavigne n’en est pas à son coup d’essai, et on sait notamment qu’il a travaillé sur le gorgeous Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game en tant que game designer, et aime bien fabriquer ses propres petits jeux freeware. […]

  53. Super awesome game, I love the large pixel artwork. Pretty solid game. I am only up to Scene 3. Lots of interesting trap. Green Ninja is pretty hard. I gotta slow down each time and be patient to think the right move. It brings back some Mario memory.

    This kind of game would be perfect for iPad, no?

  54. Scene 4, the bamboo before giant red devil and rock tanuki, is RICIDULOUS. On the 4th bamboo, there seems to be a bug where the ninja can’t make double jumps high enough, keeps on falling….. It works ONCE.

  55. Never mind, it works when I got really close to the bamboo. I know the secret is: PATIENCE, OBSERVATION and TIMING, but sometimes it is hard.

  56. Dose anyone else think that this looks more like a Master System/Game Gear game instead of a NES game? Just from the colours.

    Anyway, looks like a good game. I’m looking forward to playing it latter today.

  57. Very very very cute and love the retro feeling. I lost like 20 lives on the second stage but I love the fast-paced action and how you can just become good at it.

    16 scenes, w00t! I’m on #3 now, screens look very cool, gonna win it for sure today 🙂

  58. Glad you like it. I’ve seen your puzzle game on TIGS forums by the way. It looks awesome. 🙂

  59. This is great. You should definitely make it into a DSiware game, or maybe even for the iPhone. I love the music and the 8-bit graphics.

    So far I’m at scene 4 and getting my posterior handed to me.

  60. This game SERIOUSLY deserves to come out on DSiWare!
    Absolutely loving the look, feel & sound of it.

  61. Hello. Great game.

    There is one problem i want to point out, though. The endlessly spawning one-point-ninjas at the door-bosses are exploitable pointwise. Theoretically you can fight these guys for hours in order to reach the maximum score.This should be fixed, as an easy way to increase your score, like the described one, destroy the whole point of a scoring system.

    Maybe these ninja would be more interesting if one point is subtracted when the player kills them. Therefore a player aiming for a highscore has to fight the door-bosses while killing as few of these guys as possible.

  62. @Erektionsgehabe: I wouldn’t say that it’s easy. In fact, if you can achieve a “maximum score” by killing these ninjas non-stop, I’d say that you totally deserve it. 🙂

  63. Would you be interested in releasing ninja senki on a mobile platform? If so, I’d be interested in helping.

  64. Will we ever be able to download the soundtrack of this game? Or am I missing something?

    Really addicting game, I love it! ♥

  65. @Max Hungry: All sounds including BGM files are in the “sounds” folder provided with the game. You just need to have a player that can read Ogg Vorbis files, or a converter that converts them to mp3. But be careful not to remove any of the files from the sound folder or the game will crash. It’s probably better to copy them somewhere else if you want to modify them.

  66. No prob if you upload the source code / Game Maker project somewhere? It would make porting much easier. And don’t fear, you will be credited duly.

  67. Thanks! I didn’t think of doing that. xD

  68. game is so great..
    but why checkpoint so far.. why? whyyyyyyyyyy..
    (but the game is cool and I try again and again)

  69. and NS_03_bamboo.ogg is realy nice musical theme
    i think best in game :]

  70. I really enjoyed your game- I have spent the last 4 years writing a game of my own and i have been spending so much time illustrating the concept design. How long did it take you to make this? It is a great deal of fun! And besides seeing people enjoy it,have you gained anythign else out of its creation? Also, if this was made with game maker, what would you suggest i should know in order to do this myself? (although i would prefer to pitch my game to someone with the knowlege)
    (i am an illustrator/comic book artist and writer.)
    Have a good one and thanks for such an entertaining instant classic

    Paul K!!!

  71. @Paul K!!!: I spent about 1 year and a half working on it (4 months of that time being dedicated full time). I’d say that what I gained most was learning stuff about the other aspects of game making that I barely knew of (I learned to code, and many things about music and sounds).

    I’d suggest that you learn its scripting language (GML), or team up with someone who’d want to take care of the coding part.

  72. I really loved the soundtrack in this game. Is there any chance to publish the OST in Famitracker files or NSF ones, if its possible of course?

  73. […] Ninja Senki is a challenging action platformer with great level design. The game offers authentic retro styled ninja action with crisp 8-bit graphics (nicely presented with the original Game Boy resolution of 160×144). Great old school fun and really good tribute to Mega Man with 16 levels to beat! Download (10 MB) March 21, 2011 Free, Indie Games, Platformer No Comments action platformerfreegame maker (engine)mega manplatform shooterplatformertributewindows […]

  74. I know I come in pretty late to the party. Just wanted to tell I’m enjoying this a lot. You inspire me to make shorter, funnier games!

  75. Do not work properly with 1024×600 resolution. Bottom part of screen is cutted.
    Asus 900HA.

  76. […] Ninja Senki […]

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