Wizorb Gfx Update

January 27, 2011

I made a few touch-ups to the forest tile set. I wanted to make things a bit more organic. I also changed the screen ratio to 16:9 in order to match HD televisions (since Wizorb is going to be released on both XBLIG and PC). And I made a new UI font to replace the one from Ninja Senki.


  1. Im sorry, this was screaming for a comparison.

    Nice job there. Plants look more 8 bitey than before.
    Im so buying this for XBLA. Any word on the price?

  2. Nice comparison screenshot. I should have done it this way. 🙂 I haven’t decided anything about the price yet. I’ll post an update about this as soon as I know.

  3. very nice work ! It really makes me want to play it.

  4. Nice pixel work !
    Any release date ?

  5. Merci Shifty et William. 🙂 I’ve been wrong so many times that I’m having a hard time committing myself to a release date now. All I can say is that I need at least three more months to finish all graphics and level design. So, a release date before that is very unlikely.

  6. Whoah, this is an epic idea. I’m really surprised that a game like this hasn’t been done before (at least from what I know). What was your creative inspiration for this?

  7. There’s Zelda obviously, but I’d say that Devil’s Crush is probably what inspired me the most. It’s a very addictive pinball game and it’s available on the Virtual Console. I recommend it. 😉

  8. Learning that this is going to be coming to Xbox Live Indie Game was the highlight of my day. Only thing that could possibility make it better would be learning that Ninja Senki was going to be on there, as well.

  9. Will you still be able to play it on 4:3 monitors? Or is stuck in dreadful 16:9?

  10. Yes, it’ll still work on 4:3 monitors, but it’s gonna be letterboxed.

  11. Wizorb is instantly my most awaited game of the year. A concept plucked from my dreams. Fantastic work so far.

  12. It’s looking grand! I love the retro feel in your screenshots, it’s very close to the real thing unlike several homebrew games I’ve seen. In an actual photograph, I’m sure it could be mistaken for a Mega Drive game. You’re mentioning Devil Crush, but what about Devilish? It’s an unusual breakout clone, too, in a somewhat heroic fantasy-inspired universe:


  13. Yeah, I’ve heard of Devilish recently. I’ve never played it, but it looks awesome. I should definitely give it a try.

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