Enchanted Screenshots

April 16, 2011

Here are some new screenshots of Wizorb. By the way, Paul Robertson is collaborating on the project (^_^). Check out some awesome animations he’s making.

Please help the people of Tarot save their village!


  1. Looking awesome. Can hardly wait.
    Is the main character avatar going to look always the same?

  2. I’d like to animate it a bit, or make a couple of different expressions. Not sure yet.

  3. Aw yeah! This looks like a game I may be able to complete with a keyboard. I got very near the end of the last level in Ninja Senki (with a QWERTY), but was unable to do the necessary back-jumps over the ascending platforms with side-spikes (which would’ve been cake with a controller).

    Anyway, thanks for making such great games. You’ve helped me reconnect with a piece of my past, that I thought was long gone. The art and beauty of your home-made games inspires me in every which way. So thanks!

    Any idea when Wizorb will be released?

  4. Wow! sa va être malade! En plus que PaulRobertson y participe!!
    J’ai de la difficulté à m’imaginer le gameplay (arkanoid/aventure/rpg) mais le mélange des genres sa me semble être une super bonne idée.

    Bonne chance pour le projet!

  5. When will this game release? I really love the way the game looks! I’m a big fan of those classic SNES rpg (Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger etc).

    Keep up the good work,sir!

  6. I still can’t be super precise about a release date, but it should be sometime this summer. I’ll be sure to announce it as soon as I know.

  7. Dude, love the artwork.

    Looking at the images makes me imagine just how much cooler NES graphics would have looked designers could have used the entire color palette on the screen at any given time.

  8. This looks great. Can you make an iphone app for it? cause I would play it all the time!
    I’m serious. ALL the time.

  9. @Steven Napierski: Yeah, I love working with these limitations but exceed them a little bit. I always have late NES games (like Mega Man 6) or some TGFX16 games in mind when doing the colors.

    @B. Taylor: Yes, Wizorb would certainly play well on a touch screen.

  10. Too bad you don’t have an RSS feed nor a Twitter account displayed on this blog, I’ll be more than happy to follow through the advancement of this game and to be among the first to know when it will be released !

    Keep the good work going ! 🙂

  11. Hi! I can’t wait 🙂 looks really nice!
    Can you say me in the Month when it will be released? I say it because in Chile, we are in Winter so I guess in ..¿Canada..? the seasons aren’t the same.
    Grettings, GundamuExia

  12. Hi there, I noticed and wanted to point this out to you, the perspective on the left and right walls on the top screenshot is really messed up. It should look more like the wall on the bottom screenshot.
    Hope you see what I’m saying good luck with the game!

  13. You’re right, it’s not technically right, but I kinda like messed up perspective like in old Zelda games. 🙂

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