Wizorb Available Now!

September 28, 2011

Wizorb is now available for download on Xbox Live Indie Games! It’s a few hours earlier than expected, but I guess nobody would be disappointed by that ^_^. Here’s a new trailer for the occasion:



  1. awesome!! but i guess i can’t play it yet. I’m gonna wait pc version of the game! keep it up guys

  2. was watching a video playthrough of this over here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLCli3l0-XE&feature=channel_video_title and after seeing that I’m going to buy this game

  3. Great! =D

    Any news on where will the game be available for the PC? (Steam? :P)

  4. Hey, don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask, but I didn’t know where else to. I downloaded the game on 360, but it keeps crashing. It throws up a screen that says to contact the creator of the game, Code 4, whatever that is. Any clues? I really want to play it, looks awesome!

  5. Eagerly awaiting a PC version! Hopefully with a separate non-Steam version too.

  6. Bought it. Love it. Hope to see it on my Windows Phone?

  7. @Dylan Try this info@tributegames.com or this http://twitter.com/TributeGames

    Hope it helps.

  8. hope there will be a pc version too;)

  9. Downloading the demo. It looks pretty good! I will probably buy it whenever I get MSpoints.

  10. @Dylan: You’re not the first one to contact me about this crash T_T. It seems that the game crashes constantly on some Xbox and also in the Rankings… We’re going to fix this and perform a title update as soon as possible. Really sorry about that! If you’d like to give us more details about how the game crashes (like what type of Xbox you have, type of account (Gold or not), when does it crash, etc.), please send an email to: info@tributegames.com
    It’d help us solve this issue. Thanks!

    UPDATE: The crash seems to be related to the online rankings. So, if this crash makes the game unplayable, a temporary solution is to play the game using a profile signed in to Xbox Live Free (rather than Gold). The upcoming title update will fix this.

  11. Loving it so far! Great job, guys.

    I’ll double-dip when it’s out on Steam, you guys are charging way too little for this on XBLA ;_;

  12. It’s started working for me now. Amazing game so far!

  13. Glad to know that it’s somehow fixed @_@. Not very reassuring though… We’ll investigate this and make sure that this doesn’t reappear in the next update.

    But, I’m super happy that you guys like the game so far ^_^.

  14. Really awesome concept and very polished game. I feel like I’m playing a capcom game on NES.

  15. Thank you for making this wonderful game!

  16. Looks very promising! Congratulations! Really is a great twist!

  17. Hi, I’ve really been looking forward to this, but (and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask) I keep trying to dl the trial, but MS keeps throwing up this “can’t download Trial Game – wizorb) message. I don’t know whether its MS fault or mine, but I thought you might like to know about it, even if its not in your purview. Still looking forward to it though, and I’ll keep trying till it works.

  18. Sorry, It just worked. Please Disregard my previous comment. By the way, it’s awesome.

  19. Definitely love playing this game. Little more challenging than I was originally expecting, but honestly glad it is. Games today are generally too easy to begin with.

    Any plans to release Ninja Senki on XBLIG? I’d buy that too.

  20. @Steven Napierski: I’m working on an XBLIG version of Ninja Senki on my spare time. Mostly to enhance my C# skills ^_^. Really can’t say when it’ll be done though…

  21. As posted in another Wizorb thread here Pixeltao:

    Not sure if an update went out already, but just in case you’re still experiencing the Code 4 error, you can circumvent the error by launching the game in your Live account, then pulling the network cable from your 360. It won’t keep any of your rankings or anything, but at least you can play without interruptions.

    I just want everyone to enjoy this game as much as I am, haha.

  22. This is a great game! I’ve been playing this for a few days now and completed everything (except for that crown…)

    Really like the graphic style of the game and the physics is the best of any paddle game I’ve played. Music is also great.

    Is there going to be a soundtrack release for this? I recorded some tunes and uploaded them on YouTube. I hope that was okay. Otherwise I can remove them.

  23. We have no plans to release a soundtrack any time soon. So yeah, don’t worry, no problem about uploading them on YouTube ^_^

  24. I love your game. Congratulations!

  25. This game would be SO awesome on Windows Phone ! This is a game meant to be portable 😉

  26. Such an odd choice of platform. Why not iOS?

  27. We’re actually looking into making an iOS version, so yeah, it might happen.

  28. Downloaded it and have made it through the third world, repairing a handful of houses in the main village. Solid design with cool art and great music (the forest is my favorite so far), and interesting twists on what I think most people thought to be a stale genre. The magic and the enemy types are really creative. And to top it all off, the nostalgia NES touches are perfect, like having the story show up if you don’t do anything on the intro screen. Love it!

    Great work Jonathan and team, it is hugely fun and makes me feel like a kid again. I look forward to all your future tributes!

  29. Any news on the PC version? 🙂

  30. I second that, I’ve been checking this blog daily for like a month. So sad to see PC version isn’t out yet T.T

    Hope it comes soon though, the game looks great!

  31. It’s coming very soon, we should have an “official” release date this week. ^_^

  32. Yes! That’s what I want to hear!

    Can’t wait ❤

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