Ninja Senki Tile Sets

January 23, 2012

These are all the tiles I’ve used to build the backgrounds in Ninja Senki. Many GBA games I’ve worked on in the past had more than twice this amount of tiles just for one environment. Keeping the number of tiles low (more like a NES game) made the task of building level smooth and fast. I could also spend more time drawing each individual tile.


  1. Oh man. Making of: Ninja Senki would be interesting.
    Never imagined it takes a 500×300 sprite sheet for the backgrounds of the whole game.
    Any word on upcoming Tribute games?

  2. Lovely!

  3. @Mars: Might not make a Making Of, but I’ll probably keep posting small insights if I think of some more interesting stuff. Can’t really say anything about our next project at Tribute, it’s still too early and we’re currently helping out another game company finishing a cool game project. Which I can’t talk about either because of our contract. But don’t worry, I’ll post news about these as soon as I can.

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