Shmup Enemies

February 26, 2012

I did these sprites a while back and I ended up never using them so I decided to post them here (click on image for larger view). I had the enemies of Thexder in mind when I made them. I liked the idea of having this red eye/dot for each one them.

Thexder – Enemies:

Check out the animated versions of these on Thexder Game Shrine.


  1. Sprites look great. Thexder too, never knew about that game… wanna play it.

  2. I actually heard about Thexder for the first time from my girlfriend. She used to play it on her Tandy 1000. I only played it recently and I don’t think that it aged super well unfortunately. But still, the whole game concept, the design of the enemies and the theme song are all really good.

  3. Damn man! I feel really inspired by these! Could I use the same in my own game? (I’m a pixel artist myself 🙂 ) I could link to your blog in the credits as a thanks!

  4. Yeah, no problem, you can use them. Thanks for asking. I’ve seen some of your stuff on pixeljoint, but do you have a website or some place where you post about your game? I’d be curious to check it out ^_^

  5. Oh, man you got me all wrong, I wanted to use a similar concept 😛 (the red eyes and some features in ships.) And despite I would feel wrong if I just used your stuff when I have the time and ability to make my own!
    I don’t have a website, but I could email the game to you when I’m at a finished stage 🙂
    I just made some sprites for the game illustrating what I meant, here: http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixelart/68767.htm
    They share some similarities but they are mostly mine…
    Btw, that’s amazing that you actually heard about me!
    (and sorry if I turned this all off topic )

  6. License? 🙂

  7. Those sprites look great. I would definitely like to see some shmup using those.

    By the way…Have you ever made any pixelart tutorials?

  8. @Vítor de Carvalho (@V_deCarvalho): The only tutorials I’ve made were for co-workers when I was still at Ubi. I never posted anything because I already knew plenty of great pixel art tutorials.

    This one by Tsugumo is a classic:

    And this one by Derek Yu is great too:

  9. nice. c’était pour ton shooter d’avion militaire?

  10. Ouais, vu que j’ai décidé de faire des nouveaux designs, je n’ai jamais utilisé ceux là (sauf pour le premier dans le coin gauche).

  11. Just a small question, do you use a tablet or a mouse?

  12. I use a tablet, but it doesn’t really matter for pixel art. I’ve seen awesome pixel art done with a mouse.

  13. Thanks Jonathan.

  14. Could I use this sprites on my own games? Even commercial ones?

  15. I’d rather not give them away for commercial games (just in case I decide to go back and use them at some point), but if you want to use them for prototypes, a game jam or a freeware game, it’s alright.

  16. Ok. Thanks for the info, Jonathan.
    Great job.

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