Wizorb Smashes Onto Steam!

March 14, 2012

Wizorb is finally coming out on Steam today and it launches at 10% off (which means that you get the game for only 2.69$). The Wizorb game page should go live as we speak, so go check it out!

The Steam version of Wizorb includes 20 achievements and now supports both English and French (vous pouvez maintenant sauver Gorudo en français!).

There’s also a new trailer for those not already familiar with the game:

This release also marks the beginning of new game projects. It’s still too early to reveal anything, but you can follow Tribute Games on Twitter or on our blog to get the latest news. Or you can simply keep checking my blog from time to time ^_^.

Buy Wizorb on Steam!


  1. That’s great! Congratulations.
    Looking forward to new adventures.
    Also, that Wizorb vector art would make
    a great shirt design.

  2. I love this game!

    If you already bought this game from the tribute game store, is there a way to get it on steam? I can send in a proof of purchase or if you have a “list” then it is the same email as I used for this comment.

    Either way, this game is so awesome.

  3. Instabought. Even though it wouldn’t have mattered at this low price, thanks for not doing the all to common 1$=1€ conversion.

  4. @Mars: Thanks! Justin (co-worker), actually said the same thing. I’ll consider using it if we happen to make some t-shirts.

    @Boatie: All these distribution channels are completely independent and it’d be a lot of trouble to manage each individual sale, so it’s not possible unfortunately.

  5. HI there, I just bought this game on Steam, and I have a problem.

    When I started the game initially, there was no sound. I searched the Steampowered forums for a fix, and was directed here (to your November entry about the game’s XBLIG debut, actually), where I was informed that the only fix was to disable sound acceleration.

    I only did this grudgingly, since I did want to play the game, but when I started the game, the sound was there, but it was laggy – the sound effects during play often lagged behind the action by a half-second, which was very noticeable and quite distracting. I am sure that the sound lags as a result of the sound acceleration being turned off, but if I turn it on, I get no sound whatsoever – an annoying catch-22 for us XP gamers.

    Is there a more permanent fix for these seemingly related issues? I’d hate to have to upgrade my OS just to play one game, even if it is Wizorb, and none of my other games have any issues whatsoever with sound acceleration. It seems like an uncharacteristically sloppy oversight to me, is all.

    Could you please fix this issue, if at all possible? Thanks for your time.

  6. Nice to see that the game made it up on steam! As promised, bought it again.
    And now not only will I be able to play on my Mac, but it also has achievements. Nice.

    Looking forward to see what you(Tribute Games) come up with next.

  7. @Dambrosi: We weren’t able to find a solution to fix this issue, but we’ll give it another shot. We’ll update all versions (Steam and non-Steam) if we find a way to fix this issue.

  8. The sound issue under Windows XP is now fixed in the Steam version. We’ll also update the versions distributed on Gamersgate, Desura and Fastspring next week. We’ll post an update on the Tribute Games blog and on our Facebook page once all versions are fixed.

  9. Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux jeu. Fan de casse briques fan d’univers heroic fantasy il Faut y Jouer et l’acheter… à ce prix là c’est ridicule de le dl de manière fallacieuse. Longue vie au pixel art et wizorb!

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