Friends ‘Til the End

April 2, 2012

The entire staff of Tribute Games (Jean-François Major, Justin Cyr and myself) attended the Montreal edition of the molyjam during the weekend. It was our first game jam and even if making a game in 48 hours was really hard, it was actually a lot of fun. Jean-François did the programming, Justin made all the sprites, and I did the backgrounds, title and some level design. Our team also had the extra support of Jean Chan who made the sound effects and the catchy chiptune track. Francis Coulombe provided the art for the gruesome game over sequence and Renaud Roi-Des Monstres Cormier lent his voice (scream) to Bobby, the main character of the game.

For the art style, we tried to go for something close to MSX games.

In “Friends ‘Til the End”, you control Bobby with the left analog stick and Choppy (the helicopter) with the right analog stick. Choppy carries a nuclear missile, so you must bring it to a scientist in order to defuse it. Choppy must always stay inside the range of the remote control, otherwise it will crash which leads to catastrophic consequences.

If you’d like to try it (it’s free!):

Download Friends ‘Til the End


  1. […] Pixeltao Partager 3 avril 2012 […]

  2. Looks awesome. Reminiscent to MS DOS platformers with a touch of NES.
    Will try it for sure, along with tons of games from the Molyneux Game Jams.

  3. […] can read more about Friends ’til the End at Pixeltao’s website and download it at the MolyJam […]

  4. Probably the only game in the world that announces “The End” in its title screen! LOL

  5. The game doesn’t play on my PC. Any idea why?

  6. I might need more info on your configuration, but you might try to install XNA if you don’t already have it installed.

  7. […] algunos meses participásteis en el Molyjam con “Friends til the end”, y hemos leído que queríais hacer un juego arcade como los que había para ordenadores MSX. […]

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