Tarot Village

July 18, 2012

I’ve been wanting to post some backgrounds of Wizorb for a while, but I didn’t want to spoil any surprises. So, here’s what I did: click on the first thumbnail to display the destroyed version of Tarot village (this one is obviously spoiler free), or click on the second one to display the fully rebuilt version (spoiler alert!).


In related news, Wizorb is currently part of the summer sale on Steam (until July 23). It’s 40% off, so you can get it for only $1.79 USD! Also, if you haven’t had enough Wizorb and you’d like to play it on a Playstation console, the PS Minis version of the game developed by Beatshapers will be out on July 24.


  1. Should probably look at your RSS feeds. This post didn’t come out until today, after the sale had already ended. So it goes, it’s still cheap.

  2. Weird. It’s supposed to have been active. Maybe some quirk with WordPress… ?

  3. I was actually looking for a link for your RSS feed Jonathan. But I can’t seem to find it. :S Where is it?

    Also, are there any news on Mercenary Kings? How’s everything going with the development?

  4. I never put the RSS icon on my blog because the wordpress widget messed up the page layout for some reason. However, your browser should detect the RSS feed anyway. For example, in Firefox, you can find the RSS feed in the bookmark menu.

    Oh and things are going well with Mercenary Kings, but we can’t reveal anything new because it’s still too early. However, you can expect some news about it by the end of next week. ^_^

  5. Oh, I had no idea browsers could identify a website’s feed on their own.
    I’m using Chrome só I had to install a add-on to do it.

    Looking forward for those news then. 😀

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