Ninja Senki Animations

December 8, 2012

boss_teleport coin door_spinning frog_idle kappa_walk oni_breath ronin_walk shuriken sprout tengu_flyhayate_walk

Here’s some animations I did for Ninja Senki. It was a lot of fun animating these tiny sprites.


  1. Hi there. Is the XBLIG version of Ninja Senki still planned ?

  2. I’m working on it part time. Good news is that I already have a version running. The first 2 levels are already 100% playable on XBox 360. Bad news is that I haven’t got much time to work on it these days. I’m focusing all my energy on Mercenary Kings. However, I’m determined to finish it as soon as I’ve got time!

  3. Glad to hear that. Looking forward to both Ninja Senki and Mercenary Kings.

  4. Ninja Senki was brilliant 🙂 Will there be updates for the PC version as well?

  5. I don’t think that I’ll update the current PC version of the game. However, the XBLIG version will also run on PC, so I could release it on PC as well if there’s any relevant additional content in it.

  6. Really cool. Any chance this can be released on the iOS? Loved the Wizorb game!

  7. Glad you like Wizorb ^_^. Before considering more platforms for Ninja Senki, I’ll start by finishing the XBLIG version, which is already a lot of work.

  8. that’s cute animations 🙂

  9. Thanks! ^_^

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