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Miner Kings

April 1, 2013


War Photographs

January 18, 2013

Here are some new Mercenary Kings screenshots:




By the way, we announced earlier this week on our Tribute Games Facebook page that we’ll be showing Mercenary Kings at the IGDA DemoNight in Montreal next Tuesday 22nd. Be there! But if you can’t attend, you’ll have another chance to see (and even play!) the game before its release at PAX East in March where we’ll have a booth.


Ninja Senki Animations

December 8, 2012

boss_teleport coin door_spinning frog_idle kappa_walk oni_breath ronin_walk shuriken sprout tengu_flyhayate_walk

Here’s some animations I did for Ninja Senki. It was a lot of fun animating these tiny sprites.


The Long Lost & Forgotten Shmup

October 31, 2012

The second post on this blog was about a WIP Unnamed Shmup. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress on it since I’ve been busy with other projects. So, here’s some of the stuff I did for it.


Click on images for original size.

Since it can be a challenge to animate rotating geometry, I made a low poly model of the ship before animating it.

And here’s an unfinished tileset for a city level.

Hope I can go back to it someday!


Wizorb’s 1st Anniversary!

September 28, 2012

Wizorb was first released on Xbox Live Indie Games last year, and today marks its 1st anniversary! To celebrate, we decided to drop the price of Wizorb to 80 points on Xbox Live Indie Games.


“Kickstarting” Mercenary Kings

August 14, 2012

We’re launching a Kickstarter for Mercenary Kings today! We really want to make this game the best it can be, and to achieve that we need additional support.

We hope that people will see the huge potential of this game like we do and will be willing to participate in this adventure! Our backers will get cool rewards (the most basic one being a digital copy of Mercenary Kings and a digital copy of Wizorb).

We tried to describe Mercenary Kings as thoroughly as we could on our Kickstarter page, so you can check it out here:

As you might have guessed by our Kickstarter project image (shown above), Paul Robertson will be doing the animations for the game. On the art side, Jonathan “Persona” Kim, and Stéphane Boutin are also involved in the project, so you can be sure that it’s gonna feature some fancy graphics!


Tarot Village

July 18, 2012

I’ve been wanting to post some backgrounds of Wizorb for a while, but I didn’t want to spoil any surprises. So, here’s what I did: click on the first thumbnail to display the destroyed version of Tarot village (this one is obviously spoiler free), or click on the second one to display the fully rebuilt version (spoiler alert!).


In related news, Wizorb is currently part of the summer sale on Steam (until July 23). It’s 40% off, so you can get it for only $1.79 USD! Also, if you haven’t had enough Wizorb and you’d like to play it on a Playstation console, the PS Minis version of the game developed by Beatshapers will be out on July 24.