Tarot Village

July 18, 2012

I’ve been wanting to post some backgrounds of Wizorb for a while, but I didn’t want to spoil any surprises. So, here’s what I did: click on the first thumbnail to display the destroyed version of Tarot village (this one is obviously spoiler free), or click on the second one to display the fully rebuilt version (spoiler alert!).


In related news, Wizorb is currently part of the summer sale on Steam (until July 23). It’s 40% off, so you can get it for only $1.79 USD! Also, if you haven’t had enough Wizorb and you’d like to play it on a Playstation console, the PS Minis version of the game developed by Beatshapers will be out on July 24.


Mercenary Kings Reveal Trailer

June 12, 2012

This is the first footage of our current game project at Tribute Games, Mercenary Kings! The game is currently in an early prototype stage, so a lot might still change. The music for the trailer was provided by Patrice Bourgeault and the animations were done by Paul Robertson.


Early Wizorb Design Sketches

May 3, 2012

These are the very first ideas set down on paper for Wizorb. Mostly scribbles in Frenglish. Lots of this have changed throughout the development of the game.


Friends ‘Til the End

April 2, 2012

The entire staff of Tribute Games (Jean-François Major, Justin Cyr and myself) attended the Montreal edition of the molyjam during the weekend. It was our first game jam and even if making a game in 48 hours was really hard, it was actually a lot of fun. Jean-François did the programming, Justin made all the sprites, and I did the backgrounds, title and some level design. Our team also had the extra support of Jean Chan who made the sound effects and the catchy chiptune track. Francis Coulombe provided the art for the gruesome game over sequence and Renaud Roi-Des Monstres Cormier lent his voice (scream) to Bobby, the main character of the game.

For the art style, we tried to go for something close to MSX games.

In “Friends ‘Til the End”, you control Bobby with the left analog stick and Choppy (the helicopter) with the right analog stick. Choppy carries a nuclear missile, so you must bring it to a scientist in order to defuse it. Choppy must always stay inside the range of the remote control, otherwise it will crash which leads to catastrophic consequences.

If you’d like to try it (it’s free!):

Download Friends ‘Til the End


Wizorb Smashes Onto Steam!

March 14, 2012

Wizorb is finally coming out on Steam today and it launches at 10% off (which means that you get the game for only 2.69$). The Wizorb game page should go live as we speak, so go check it out!

The Steam version of Wizorb includes 20 achievements and now supports both English and French (vous pouvez maintenant sauver Gorudo en français!).

There’s also a new trailer for those not already familiar with the game:

This release also marks the beginning of new game projects. It’s still too early to reveal anything, but you can follow Tribute Games on Twitter or on our blog to get the latest news. Or you can simply keep checking my blog from time to time ^_^.

Buy Wizorb on Steam!


Shmup Enemies

February 26, 2012

I did these sprites a while back and I ended up never using them so I decided to post them here (click on image for larger view). I had the enemies of Thexder in mind when I made them. I liked the idea of having this red eye/dot for each one them.

Thexder – Enemies:

Check out the animated versions of these on Thexder Game Shrine.


Ninja Senki Tile Sets

January 23, 2012

These are all the tiles I’ve used to build the backgrounds in Ninja Senki. Many GBA games I’ve worked on in the past had more than twice this amount of tiles just for one environment. Keeping the number of tiles low (more like a NES game) made the task of building level smooth and fast. I could also spend more time drawing each individual tile.