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Lowpoly Muscle Car

September 29, 2010

Almost 3 years ago, I made this lowpoly Camaro along with a pitch for a DS version of Driver. Sadly, the project went nowhere. This is highly inspired by some awesome low poly cars made by Kenneth Fejer, but this isn’t nearly as good. It’s still unfinished (I didn’t texture the bottom part of the car) and has a bit too many tris.


Interviews on PixelDrip

September 2, 2010

Stéphane Boutin and I were interviewed on PixelDrip. Check these out if you’re curious to hear us rant about video games:

Hanging About with Stéphane Boutin

Talkin’ Design with Jonathan Lavigne

UPDATE: More interviews: Persona and Kinuko. Read them!

Getting Personal with Jonathan “Persona” Kim

Connecting with Mariel “Kinuko” Cartwright